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Animals at Dewberry

At Dewberry Farm, we love our animals! From pigs to peacocks, goats to geese and bulls, you can meet them all! And don't forget to say a special hello to the STAR of Dewberry, our rescued mini- Hereford Bull, Sir Loin, and all-new

from Peru, our Alpacas, Jack & Sparrow!

Sir Loin and the Waller County Sheriff's Dept

Meet Sir Loin!

We are THRILLED to announce that our baby bull stolen from Dewberry Farm has been found and returned safely! A HUGE thank you to  the Waller County Sheriff's Office, and also to YOU for your prayers, collective efforts, and positive thoughts that brought our little buddy home! Right now he's resting, eating a LOT, and hanging out with his goat buddy, Jackson Brown. Be sure to stop by and say "hi" to these little guys and get your picture taken. They'd love to meet  you!

Sir Loin the mini-Hereford Bull
Sir Loin and Jackson Brown at Dewberry Farm

Other Animals You'll See at Dewberry Farm

Fun Fact: Our African Spurred Tortoise will grow to be 100-150 pounds!

 Meet our Alpacas!

All the way from the Andes of south Peru, meet the two newest additions to our happy farm family, Jack & Sparrow, the alpacas!

Often confused with Llamas, Alpacas are close relative but slightly smaller. Help us welcome them to Dewberry Farm this Fall Fest!

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