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You're Invited to Return!

We are inviting the best of our 2022/23 team to rejoin us for Fall Festival and/or Christmas 2023. Direct Deposit is now required to receive your paycheck, so be sure to fill out the form that asks for your bank account information when asked.  

A mandatory orientation will be held on Saturday, September 9th, and the farm will open on Saturday, September 16.  

Reach out to Nancy if you have any questions:

Returning Team Members Application
During the Fall season (September 16, 2023 - November 12, 2023) what days and times will you be available to work?  Check all that apply.
Are you interested in working to get the farm ready to open starting in late August? This could be cleaning, landscaping, moving inventory,etc.
Have you held any other positions at the farm?
If the position is available, in most cases you will be assigned back into your most recent position. Would you prefer a different position?

Thank you! We will be in touch.

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