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Christmas Tree Farm

Take a wagon ride to our magical Christmas Tree Forest to find the perfect tree! 

You can cut the tree down yourself or one of our team members can help cut it down for you.  We provide the hand saw.  

Please note, that our procedure has changed:

1. Our Christmas Tree Farm opens at 10 a.m. and closes at 3 p.m.

2. There is no admission fee to the farm for guests coming to shop for a tree.

2. There will be a few attractions that you may enjoy while you wait for your tree.

3.  At 3 p.m. the farm will be cleared of all guests as we prepare

for "A BERRY Merry Christmas."

4. If you purchase a tree, you will receive a 20% discount coupon for "A Berry Merry Christmas," redeemable at the Box Office only.


NOTE: If you stay, you must load your tree into/on your vehicle before entering "A Berry Merry Christmas." You can not collect it from the Tree Farm afterward.

Click here for a list of our Christmas Tree FAQs.

Our Tree Farm Has Closed For The Season. 



Similar to Leylands in reduced allergy problems, they have an even greater ability to remain fresh for a long time. The Murrays have a more open leaf texture than Leylands and have stronger limbs for holding your heavier ornaments. They also have a little darker green color than the Leylands and have more fragrance, although still a light subtle fragrance. 



 (Sold Out for the Season)

Leylands have softer and fuller foliage than the Murrays but will also stay fresh for a long time if constantly kept in water. The Leylands have a light but very fresh scent. Because of their weaker limb strength, heavier ornaments will need to be placed deeper into the tree or hung on the tree light wires. This year’s crop of Leylands is mostly in the 7-13 foot height.

Screen Shot 2023-06-01 at 11.46.17 AM.png

Christmas Tree FAQ's

Tree FAQ
Dewberry Farm has gone Cashless.  What does this mean?

Dewberry Farm no longer accepts cash except for purchases at our Ticket window, Guest Services, and Country Store.  You can purchase a Dewberry Farm Gift Card with your cash at the Country Store. Debit cards, credit cards, Apple Pay, and Gift Cards are accepted at all food locations on the farm.   

What are the Christmas Tree shopping hours?

We are open on Thanksgiving weekend (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, 10 pm – 3 pm) and the first two weekends of December 10 am – 3 pm. We will have a limited number of attractions open and concessions open on these days. Please arrive no later than 1 pm to give yourself enough time to choose, cut, and have your tree processed before we open the farm to A Berry Merry Christmas. 

What kind of trees do you sell?

We sell and grow only the two varieties listed above.  Leyland and Murray.  We have a very limited supply of Leyland trees available.

Do I need a ticket to visit the farm and buy a tree?

You do not need a ticket to come out to the farm and cut a tree, but you will need a ticket for A BERRY Merry Christmas.  

Should I bring my own saw to cut the tree?

You are welcome to bring your own hand saw if you like.  We have bow saws for you to use as well. 

Chainsaws, axes, and hatchets are not allowed for safety reasons.

Do we cut down the tree ourselves?

Yes, you can cut the tree down yourself.  We provide written and digital instructions on the proper way to cut down the tree.  If you choose not to cut the tree yourself, we have staff who will be happy to help you for a fee.

Do the trees come with a tree stand?

Tree stands do not come with a tree, but we do have them for sale in our Tree Check-out Barn and the Country Store.  

Do you help load the tree onto my vehicle?

We have independant contract workers who can tie the tree onto your vehicle for the small fee of $9.00 per tree.  Please ask for this service when you pay for your tree.  We provide complimentary twine for you to tie the tree to your own vehicle.  

Do you shake and bale the trees?

Yes, all trees under 11 foot will be shaken and baled at no additional cost.  Trees taller than 11 feet are too big to be baled.


How long will my tree last?
Trees that are cared for and kept watered will last through the Christmas Season. It is very important that the tree never runs out of water.
Can I bring my pet with me to cut a tree?

Sorry but pets are not allowed (although we love fur babies!)

Can I take family pictures in the trees?

Yes, personal photography is allowed.  Professional photography is not permitted while we are open to the public. Professional photographers must book a reservation to bring clients to the farm.  Dates available are November 12-13 and 19-20.

Will Activities be available when I come to shop for a tree?
There will be a limited number of attractions open as we will be open. We clear the farm at 3 p.m. to prepare for our all-new holiday event. ' A BERRY Merry Christmas,' which opens at 4 pm. If you purchase a tree, you will be given a 20% coupon for  'A BERRY Merry Christmas.' This may be redeemed at our Box Office only and not online. You may collect your tree after leaving the event if you wish.

Will Concessions be available when I come to shop for a tree?

We will have our Roosters stand open as well as a sweet shack out in the tree lot. 

Do you sell pre-cut Christmas trees?

No, we do not sell pre-cut Christmas trees.

Do you have flocked trees?
No, we do not have flocked trees.

No, we do not have flocked trees.

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